Feelin’ Lazy

I’m lazy by nature, but being pregnant doesn’t help my condition at all. I get lazier with my expanding belly. Maybe it’s because I’m also getting older, but this time around being 26 weeks pregnant is not as easy as it was with my previous children. I get tired so much and my belly is so uncomfortable. 😦

Last time, I wrote about simplifying my skincare routine. I cut it down to less than 5 products. Well, I’m applying the same principle on makeup, too. I go to work bare-faced nowadays. You guess it, too lazy to put on makeup. In order not to look like I roll out of bed and head straight to work, I put on lipstick just to add some color.

Just because I’m in a lazy mood to put on makeup doesn’t mean I stop shopping for it! Hence, my mini makeup haul this month. Mostly lipstick since that’s what I use frequently nowadays. No use of getting new foundation when I can’t find the willpower to put it on. So, here they are!

photo 2 photo 1

I’m restocking my favorite eye primer: e.l.f Essential Eyelid Primer in sheer. Works well on me. And since my pen eyeliner is nearing its lifetime, I got MAC Penultimate eyeliner which I’ve been wanting to try. As for the lipsticks, my new babies include MAC Aquatic in Pet Me, Please (got this purely because of the packaging, I wanted Mystical or Enchanted but they were sold out), Wet ‘n Wild Megalast in Just Peachy and Lime Crime Geradium. No swatches yet since I’m, well, lazy. :p




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