Zaq’s First Step

Ini sebenernya rada basi, sih. Soalnya ide awal post ini adalah pas hadir di baby shower-nya Cathy Sharon Agustus lalu. Nggak, bukan temen gue si Cathy sampe diundang baby shower-nya. Urusan sama Mommies Daily ini. Anyway, long story short, di acara ini juga dijelaskan soal campaign Fisher-Price yang judulnya #LangkahPertama. Basically, highlighting the importance of baby’s milestone especially his first step and what stimulation we can give him.

Pulang dari acara ini gue mikir, memang tiap milestone itu penting. Nggak usah terlalu ngotot anak harus bisa di umur sekian, tapi jangan dicuekin juga. Pernah juga dulu denger waktu talkshow dengan dr. Attila  waktu Aria masih bayi, beliau cerita ada anak yang mengalami kesulitan motorik halus saat usia sekolah, ternyata ada milestone yang tidak tercapai saat bayi. Karena motorik kasarnya kurang berkembang, maka motorik halusnya terpengaruh juga.

Bulan September lalu Zaq usianya setahun. Belum bisa jalan. Fix nervous. Kakak-kakaknya (duh, I can’t help but compare. At least benchmarking) di usia setahun minimal beberapa langkah, lah. Yang bontot ini kok hati-hati banget. I shouldn’t have to worry too much, karena sebenarnya terlihat dia bisa, kok. Kalau berdiri, sudah stabil. Jalan juga harusnya bisa hanya saja dia sangat hati-hati dan selalu maunya merambat/pegangan. Padahal kelihatan pegangannya cuma basa-basi. Tapi tetep aja nggak mau jalan sendiri. Kalau harus ke area yang nggak ada tempat pegangan, pasti langsung drop down dan merangkak. Kombinasi males, hati-hati dan takut. Gregetan akuh.

Ditambah dengan “masalah” gigi belum tumbuh, badan yang kurus, preferensi tekstur makanan yang masih lunak, diboyonglah si bayi untuk konsultasi ke dokter anak. Eiya, setelah biasanya kita main cap-cip-cup aja dokter anak di rumah sakit manapun asal terima asuransi kantor, akhirnya kita menemukan yang juga cocok personality-wise! Hore! Setelah dicek cukup thorough (minus segala blood test, tentunya), dokternya sih berkesimpulan belum perlu ambil tindakan apa-apa, kecuali melatih untuk makan tekstur kasar. Soal jalannya juga, dilihat sebenarnya sudah kuat. Ya itu, anaknya terlalu hati-hati. Perlu latihan saja. Gigi juga akan terbantu untuk erupt kalau makannya lebih keras teksturnya. Lah, ini PR. Soalnya anaknya suka muntah kalau makanannya nggak dihalusin. Padahal kalau makan biskuit, bisa. Doh.

Akhirnya orang tuanya hanya bisa sabar dan memantau. Meng-encourage juga, lah. Kadang kayak “maksa” supaya dia nggak pegangan saat jalan. Mesti sabarrrrr… Tiap anak memang beda-beda juga perkembangannya. Akhirnya sebulan setelah konsultasi ke dokter, si bayi mulai lebih mantap langkahnya. Kadang masih suka merangkak kalau merasa terlalu jauh atau capek, dan jalannya pun masih ala zombie. Progress, nevertheless.

Nah, sekarang tentunya sudah lebih lancar jalannya. Semakin dia pede dan bisa, semakin sadar bahwa jauh lebih enak jalan dibanding merangkak (dengkul sakit, cyin). Jalannya masih zombie, sih, and slow. Baby steps, literally. :D

Tapi memang benar yang dikatakan psikolog Vera Itabiliana di acara Fisher-Price waktu itu. Stimulasi juga memegang peranan untuk “pencapaian” milestone anak. Kalau gue sih menyikapi soal milestone begini aja, dijadikan sebagai rough guideline instead of checklist yang harus dipenuhi. Misalnya soal jalan ini. Normalnya memang usia setahun sudah bisa jalan. Kalau belum setahun udah bisa, alhamdulillah. Nggak pusing. Pas ultah masih merangkak? Take a closer look. Berdiri udah bisa belum? Rambatan? Jalan sambil pegangan? Titah? Kuncinya, observe, observe, observe.  Bila dirasa perlu, konsul ke dokter.

Akhir kata, silakan nikmati foto-foto dari baby shower-nya Cathy :D


#FDSwatchSister LA Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss

A few weeks ago I was asked to help do a video of lipstick swatches. Female Daily has a video series of two persons with different skin tones trying on different shades of lipsticks. This way you can see how the lipstick would look on different skin tones. The video series is called #FDSwatchSister and you can find many videos with all kind of lipsticks. Long story short, I tried on nine shades of LA Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss. Those of you who have tried this particular liquid lipstick will know that this lipstick is not that easy to remove. I used Bioderma Sebium micellar water cleanser and lip balm in between applications. By the end of the whole process my lips felt… abused.

In this video are shades: Dreamy, Fleur, Bazaar, Timeless, Playful, Rebel, Secret, Backstage, Blackcurrant.

You can see other videos by Female Daily here. Do subscribe :)

[Review] My New Favorite Everyday-Lipstick: Maybelline Color Show 105 Pinkalicious

Having quite a few lipstick to rotate, I don’t really have a favorite. My goal is to rotate them all so that (eventually) they will all be gone. Sure, I have a few go-to shades for different occasions but none get that coveted “favorite” tag. Yet. Until I stumbled upon Maybelline Color Show in Pinkalicious. I bought it as an afterthought. I was shopping for makeup brushes on Luxola and needed a few more items to qualify for free shipping. So I bought a lip gloss and this lipstick. I love the gloss, too, by the way. Will talk about it in a different post.

Since the lipstick was not my primary target, I left it unopened for about two weeks. When I finally opened and tried it, I was pleasantly surprised. This is not my first Maybelline lipstick but my experience with this brand (lipstick wise) has never been exceptional. Not this time. My early verdict is that this lipstick will get some considerable mileage.

Packaging-wise, it’s pretty standard. Black plastic tube with colored ring in the middle to identify its color family (not the exact color). In order to see what color it is, you need to look at the bottom of the tube. When applied, it glides pretty smoothly onto my lips, no drag. Texture is creamy but not thick. I have pigmented lips and usually steer clear of pinks because mostly they don’t show on my lips. Not this one. It’s pretty opaque and color my lips nicely. Really happy about that. The finish is semi satin, which is my favorite finish for lipstick.

 I have really stubbornly dry lips and most lipsticks (regardless of price and brand) will dry my lips eventually. For the week I’m giving this lipstick a go, I don’t experience excessive dryness on my lips. Huge plus point. Moreover, it doesn’t accentuate any dry patches I happen to have upon application. Later on in the day, my lips still get dry. But not too much. Sure, exfoliating and prepping with balm is always a good idea, but I found that I can use this lipstick alone without too much prep. Miss couch potato slash lazy bum here approve!

Like I mentioned before, usually I don’t do pinks. My recent pink hauls was because, turns out, my husband prefers pink, girly-girl lip color on me. So, sometimes I indulge him. One of the reasons I don’t wear pink is that usually the color washes me off. I look really pale with pink lipstick. So I was pleased to find that Pinkalicious is very wearable for me. In fact, it gives me a fresh pop of color on days I don’t wear makeup other than powder. Suitable for lazy days. The color is also very safe to use daily. Mind you, where I work, every lipstick color is a safe everyday color (yes, black lipstick included). My work place is cool like that. But for more conservative workplaces, Pinkalicious will not make you stand out like a sore thumb. Thumbs up for that :p

 As usual, this successful purchase makes me want to try other Color Show lipsticks (dang it). It doesn’t help that Maybelline lipsticks are so affordable bordering amazingly cheap! I bought mine at Luxola for IDR 28.000 (on discount. Retail is IDR 33.000).


Arm swatch. Pardon my veins 😅
Have you tried any of Maybelline Color Show lipsticks? Any color to suggest? Please let me know in the comment :)

[Eats&Treats] Mockingbird Restaurant Jakarta

I love to eat (good food). My taste is pretty eclectic; I might go for Japanese food one day and craving for soto betawi the next day. One of the things my husband absolutely loathe about me is that sometimes I get so indecisive regarding food (because there are so many things I like!) that I can spend 20 minutes browsing the menu and couldn’t decide. It’s THAT bad. You don’t want to take me to a restaurant where they have 30 items on the menu. I’d drive people crazy with my indecisiveness.

That’s why I love the idea of Mockingbird’s limited set menu. By the way, the concept of the restaurant is affordable fine dining. They only have 3 sets to choose from. When I went there for dinner, it took me like 30 seconds to decide what I want. Each set consisted of an appetizer, entree and dessert. I’m not really accustomed to three-course-meal but when I like the food, I can eat A LOT. Mockingbird’s menu is updated every 3 months and when I went there, these were the three sets.

Set 1: The Flying Goat
Starter: Twice cooked chicken wings
Entree: Tandoori roasted lamb racks
Dessert: dessert of the day

Set 2: Cow Me To The Moon
Starter: Wagyu Beef Tartar
Entree: Angus Beef Tenderloin
Dessert: dessert of the day

Set 3: Underwater Fireworks
Starter: Seared Canadian Scallops
Entree: Crispy skin Barramundi
Dessert: dessert of the day

Tandoori roasted lamb rack with harison sauce, raita, eggplant salad, peppernade, roast potatoes and semorilla

My husband chose the Flying Goat and I, obviously, went for the beef course (duh). This will be my first time tasting beef tartar (raw) and I gotta say I was pretty apprehensive. The only beef tartar reference I have is in an episode of Mr. Bean (Steak Tartare act). Although it’s hilarious, it left me with a not-so-good impression of beef tartar and raw meat in general. Play the video and see what I mean. :D

I was pleasantly surprised that I love it! It was served with poached egg and I like the combination of creamy egg yolk with the cold beef. The richness of the yolk is balanced with sharp tang of grated pecorino cheese.

Wagyu beef tartar with poached egg, pecorino cheese and semorilla

I asked my steak to be cooked medium rare (is there any other way?) and it was cooked perfectly. Beef was tender and the red wine jus complement it well. Now, here I must commend the chef for this plate. Aside from the perfect steak, the sides and garnishes were also superb. Mashed potato was simply the best I’ve ever had: perfectly smooth and creamy without being mush. The porcini cream is absolutely to die for! And although I don’t really care for the mushroom and caramelized shallots, nothing on the plate was bad. The shallots were quite nice actually, sweet and crunchy. I just don’t like the “zing”. I’m not a fan of shallots in general so my opinion might be biased.

100gr of Angus beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes, red wine jus, porcini cream, swiss brown mushroom and caramelised eschalots
Medium rare, just the way I like it!

For dessert, they have two options that day: creme brulee and pannacotta. So we both ordered each. Both were okay. My husband loved the pannacotta and the creme brulee was good. They were both complemented with tangy berry coulis to offset the richness of the dessert.

Vanilla bean panna cotta
Creme brulee

I have to admit that having given only three choices was liberating. I make decisions daily and constantly; regarding my children, work, my marriage, household. It can be overwhelming. So this little “freedom” of not having to think too much (albeit only about dinner) is refreshing. It’s funny, you’re being limited in some ways, but you feel liberated. This is something I would ponder about some more.

Back to Mockingbird. They are currently in the second “season”, meaning they have a whole new set menu to choose from. The menu will last for 2 months until they update it again. So I think I’ll be back there in a few weeks to try out their new menu. Can’t wait to see what they’re offering!

On My Playlist: Honey, I’m Good by Andy Grammer

The reason why I kept playing this song over and over is because of its catchy tune. It’s easy to listen to, that simple. But, upon closer scrutiny the lyric is also right up my alley. Instead of leaning toward promiscuity like so many contemporary songs, this song is about commitment and fidelity. That, I like. I only listen to the radio while driving and it’s been ages since I watched MTV. So I’ve been listening to this song quite a few times before ever seeing the video. It’s actually pretty cute, depicting couples holding up the number of how many months or years they have been together while singing to the song. Some are in a new relationship of 2-3 months, while some are well into their 50th year. It’s really heartwarming. If there is one thing I value in life, commitment will be on the top of the list. It’s no wonder I like the song and the video so much.

What song is in your most played list? :)


Dua bulan terakhir, setiap harinya bawa pulang hasil pumping maksimal 2 botol @100ml. Sedikit banget, walau impas dengan jumlah yang diminum Zaq tiap harinya. Ternyata memang anaknya kalau di rumah maunya makan. ASIP cuma mau kalau dia ngantuk. Biar begitu, udah niat untuk nambah frekwensi pumping di kantor, untuk merangsang produksi ASI.

Belum kesampaian, tiba-tiba ada KLB campak di kantor dan aku tertular 😢 Jadilah seminggu nggak ke kantor. Harusnya anak-anak diungsikan, ya, supaya nggak tertular. Tapi banyak faktor yang akhirnya berujung kita pasrah dan anak-anak tetap di rumah, termasuk si bayi 9 bulan.

Namanya bayi, mana dia tau emaknya lagi sakit. Dia taunya pabrik ASI kembali buka 24 jam, and he couldn’t be happier. Satu jam setelah makan pagi, pasti mulai ngak-ngek minta nyusu. Begitu pula setelah makan siang dan sore menjelang makan sore. Belum lagi kalau mau tidur siang dan kalau lagi iseng. Ujungnya nyusu, lah, pokoknya. Setelah seminggu seperti ini, mulai terasa ASI kayaknya makin banyak. Bahkan, sempat kepenuhan dan akhirnya dipompa karena anaknya lagi asyik main, nggak mau minum.

Stimulation is the key when breastfeeding is concerned. Makin sering menyusui, produksi makin banyak. In this case, I have proven it. Yang tadinya mau proses relaktasi lagi, jadinya sekarang tinggal maintain. Setelah udah ngantor lagi, pumping-nya harus ngikutin pola nyusu si Zaq. Dia nyusu juga sebentar-sebentar aja, kok. Jadi pumping juga harusnya nggak perlu sejam juga. Cuma dipersering, idealnya bisa tiga kali selama di kantor.

Sekarang tinggal gimana supaya nggak  keasyikan kerja sampe lupa pumping. Pasang alarm aja kali, ya?

Desk Drawer Essentials

For those working full time in an office, chances are you spend more than 6 hours in it. Me, I got in the office around 9 every morning and left after 6. Naturally, I have a few things stocked in my desk drawer. Here are some of my essentials.

Spending all day in an air-conditioned space can do things to your skin you wouldn’t like. That’s why I keep a tub of body butter in my drawer. I put some on in the mornings and reapply as needed. Currently residing in my drawer is Sephora Body Butter. This particular body butter is thick and somewhat tacky, so I seldom reapply.

Lip balm is also a must since I have notoriously dry, chapped lips. eos lip balm is probably not the best out there but I like the scent. Texture is “filmy”, like I feel there’s a film coating my lips after applying. This I could reapply 3-5 times a day.

The foot spray is a new addition to my arsenal. Some of my work shoes turned out to be foot sauna x___x So, to relieve aching, tired and hot feet I spray it on two-three times throughout the day. Smells nice, too. I think any foot spray will do but this Taman Sari Royal Heritage foot spray is very refreshing and has a minty, herbal scent.

Hand cream and cologne (both from L’Occitane) get minimum mileage since I don’t use them that often, but still nice to have. I usually put some cologne on before leaving for meeting, just for a little added confidence. The Verbena cologne smells refreshing and not overpowering, suitable for daytime. I know I should’ve used hand cream after each hand wash (which I do quite regularly), but more often than not, I forgot.  Still, it’s good to know I have some in case I do remember :p

Is there any other thing I should have in my work drawer? Do drop a comment and share your thoughts!