[Review] In The Mood For Nude (Lip)


Nude lips are something I always love, but couldn’t always pull off beautifully. After a phase of colorful lipstick spree, I went back to nude lipstick lemmings. Since Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet was so popular (still is), I decided to get Nude-ist. I also managed to nudge my sisters to get nude lipsticks as well. I borrowed their liquid lipstick for this post. Three nude lipsticks I tried are Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist, Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit and LA Splash Smitten Lip Tint Mousse in Charmed. All nude colors, all matte finish, and all in liquid form. Hey, the liquid matte lipstick ship hasn’t sail yet. So here are a few photos I took of them.

Top: Bourjois REV Nude-ist; Middle: LA Splash Smitten Charmed; Bottom: Sleek Matte Me Birthday Suit

In terms of color, LA Splash Charmed is the palest. Without the appropriate makeup, this can look deathly. Is that even correct grammar? I also find this to be extremely drying. “This lipstick is so funny, it cracks me up”. Get it? *garing* Literally dried up my lips in seconds. So, the next time I tried this, I made sure to exfoliate my lips and prep my lips with lip balm beforehand. It didn’t crack as bad as before, but still it settled into the lines on my lips, and it showed. The color is beige with minimum pink, hence it looked pale on me. Texture is creamy, not too liquid-y. When it dries, it dries like nobody’s business. Difficult to remove, too. Some people may not like the fact that this stayed on your lips for a long time, fearing harmful effect on lips. My suggestion, just remove with oil-based lip remover. Be patient and be gentle. Don’t rub too harshly on your lips. Eventually it will come off, even if it takes a lot of coaxing.

Left: Sleek Matte Me Birthday Suit; Middle: LA Splash Smitten Charmed; Right: Bourjois REV Nude-ist

Moving on, Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Nude-ist is the most creamy. It’s my favorite in terms of texture. It’s comfortable on lips, too. Color has a hint of pink so it’s more wearable for me. I do have pigmented lips but this is opaque enough for the color to show. Although essentially it should dry matte, I found that it stayed a bit “wet” even after more than 10 minutes. Perhaps the formula vary slightly between colors because Pink Pong (from the same series) definitely dries matte.

Finally, Sleek Matte Me Birthday Suit. This (I think) has some brown in it that it’s not too nude. Very wearable. Texture is less creamy than Bourjois. This also don’t settle too much into lip lines. I think this is a very good choice if you’re looking for liquid lipstick. When I tried this, it dried matte and last okay, around 3 hours with drinking and eating.

And here are some photos of the lipsticks on lips. Didn’t have the picture of Sleek since, well, it’s not mine ;) Maybe I’ll update sometime when I get to borrow it again.



Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet – Nude-ist


LA Splash Smitten – Charmed

Gosh, I still need to learn to take proper photos. x___x Anyhow, I’d love to know your favorite nude lipsticks! Do drop a comment :)

HC, PB, MTI? A Guide To Help You When Purchasing Books Online


Purchasing book online? It seems to get more common in Indonesia nowadays. No traffic jam to contend with. A bit of advice, though, make sure you know what you get when purchasing books online. I know some of us can get a little OCD in regards to our book collection. When you buy book of a series, chances are you want the whole series to be of the same size and edition. I have a few of these mismatched series and they’re quite an eyesore.


Imagine how pretty it is when  matching books are displayed. Same height, similar artwork, and coordinated. So, when you purchase books online, make sure you get the edition correctly. There may be some codes or terms in the book description on the site that can help you. Here are some of them.

  • HC or hardcover. Also: hardback. Usually, books in hardcover are larger. Bound in leather, cloth or cardboard, these books are durable, pricier and look good on your shelf. Usually, for a book I know I’m going to love, hardcover will be my choice. Please observe the above picture. My Michael Scott’s Alchemyst series comprises mostly of hardcovers.
  • PB or paperback. Also: trade paperback. Bound in flexible paper, paperback books are usually the cheaper version of the HC.  Size may be similar or smaller than HC. All my Heroes of Olympus books are paperbacks, be it in different sizes.
  • MMPB or mass market paperback. This is the inexpensive version of paperback. Usually come in smaller size than trade paperback. Meant to be sold in newsstands, supermarkets as well as bookstores. For a book collector looking to amassing huge number of books, this could be the way to go: get more MMPBs. Some MMPBs don’t have illustrations that may have been present in their HC/PB editions, though.
  • MTI or movie tie in. The book in this format is in direct relation to a movie. Usually the cover will have a photography/still from the movie, and some kind of tagline along the way of “Now A Major Motion Picture”. MTI editions come out near the release date of the movie. So, you might have to wait years to get a complete series, depending on when the movies release. In some cases, you won’t get the complete series because the movie doesn’t get picked up for sequels. Remember Eragon and City of Bones? Yeah, good luck completing your MTI on those series. On a side note, I really want to get Divergent series MTIs. The covers are simply amazing! I hope for Insurgent MTI the cover will feature Theo James!

Different editions/bindings can have different covers as well. This may contribute to your decision making process. :)

What’s your usual pick when you buy a book? Any other bindings/editions I didn’t mention? Please leave a comment and let me know!

Another Book Wishlist!


Gosh, I haven’t even fulfilled my January wishlist and here I am with another one. So, any bookworm would know that you can get different versions of a book. For Harry Potter (book 5 onward), I was adamant to get the first edition hardcovers. I figured they would be collector’s items (so much) later on.


Other books I don’t really care, usually I just get the mass market paperback, or whatever’s cheapest. #emakirit

Different versions usually have different artwork in the covers. So this might be another point to influence your decision. Like I said, I usually don’t care. Except this one. I’ve just finished reading Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. Griss put me up to this and I don’t regret it. The series is definitely one of the most well-thought, well-planned, and detailed series I’ve ever come upon. It’s epic. And I loooooveee the main characters Vin and Elend Venture. They’re so human, so real (as real as a fantasy character can get). I found myself relating to them often. By the way, all of the characters in this series are well developed. Sazed, Spook, Breeze, Kelsier (don’t get me started on Kelsier), TenSoon… I love them all! Even the Lord Ruler himself. Anyhow, that’s why if I’m ever gonna get a print of this series, I probably go for the mass market paperback edition. Because of this cover of The Hero of The Ages:

I love the artwork. And since it depicts my two favorite characters, I can’t say no to this. Obvoiusly, I’m gonna get the whole series plus the novella, Alloy of Law. #nabungdulu

Smile! Pampers Gathering: Senyum Pagi Bayi No. 1 di Indonesia


Rasanya baru kemarin hadir di gathering Pampers. Ternyata sudah setahun, ya. Iya, sih, waktu hadir tahun lalu pas masih hamil Zaq. Sekarang, anaknya udah enam bulan. Pas banget sama peluncuran produk baru Pampers: Pampers Baby Dry Pants.

Hari Kamis lalu, Pampers kembali mengadakan gathering bersama, who else, Mommies Daily. Ngapain aja di sana? First and foremost, ada paparan dari perwakilan IDAI, dr. Rini Sekartini tentang pentingnya kualitas tidur untuk anak. Ada satu poin yang menarik, yaitu bahwa anak usia 4 tahun sudah tidak terlalu membutuhkan tidur siang, dengan catatan tidur malamnya berkualitas sehingga tubuhnya tetap mendapat manfaat tidur. Udah tau, dong, kalau tidur malam itu waktu regenerasi sel? Bayangkan pentingnya untuk anak yang sedang tumbuh. On the other hand, bayi baru lahir butuh tidur 16-20 jam/hari. Makanya Zaq bobo melulu kerjanya, dan mamanya ini juga seneng-seneng aja kalau anaknya tidur.

Ada survei tentang tidur yang hasilnya dipaparkan dr. Rini kemarin, salah satu poin hasilnya adalah beberapa masalah tdiur pada balita di Indonesia. Ternyata, nih:

  • 44.2% anak usia di bawah 3 tahun punya masalah tidur:
    • jumlah jam tidur malam < 9 jam
    • terbangun malam hari > 3 kali
    • lama terbangun malam hari > 1 jam
  • 72% orang tua menganggap masalah tidur pada bayi dan batita bukan masalah atau merupakan masalah kecil.

Okay, time to reflect. Pertama, soal lama jam tidur. Orangtua bekerja harus lebih hati-hati menurut saya. Saya merasa kalau jam tidur anak berhubungan dengan jam tidur orangtuanya. Pengalaman saya, batita bisa kekeuh menunggu orangtuanya pulang, lho, sebelum tidur. Semakin lama kita pulang, bisa jadi semakin malam mereka tidur. Dulu, saat saya masih di rumah, Aria tidur jam 8 malam tiap harinya. Rory di usia yang sama, tidurnya jam 9 malam, dengan kondisi saya bekerja dan pulang sekitar jam 7 malam. Setelah saya pulang, bersih-bersih, kami main dulu, atau ngobrol. Tertunda, deh, jam tidurnya. Jadi, menurut saya ada efeknya apakah orangtuanya bekerja atau di rumah. Syukurnya kalau dihitung, jam tidur anak-anak saya masih cukup. Paling malam, mereka tidur jam 9.30 malam, bangun jam 7 pagi. Tapi berarti harusnya “dipaksa” untuk tidur jam 9, nih, paling telat. Kadang-kadang suka pada bangun kepagian.

Yang masih suka bangun malam tentunya si Zaq. Kakak-kakaknya jarang, kecuali pas lagi sakit, suka bangun karena batuk-batuk. Nah, kalau Zaq, udah pasti minimal 2x terbangun karena mau nyusu. Tapi mewek sebentar aja, sumpel langsung bobo lagi, hahaha… Syukurnya Zaq pake Pampers, ngga bocor semaleman jadi ngga terbangun akibat diaper basah. Sangat membantu meminimkan terbangun malam hari. Anaknya juga pengertian, dia biasanya pup jam 6 pagi, jadi ganti diaper pas pup itu hehehe…

dr. Rini juga mengingatkan bahwa kalau lihat tanda-tanda di atas, jangan disepelekan. Tidur itu penting banget, terutama buat anak-anak. So, do what you can do to minimize their waking up at night and make sure they put in enough hours to sleep.

Ngomongin tidur malam, memang akhirnya ngomongin diaper kalau buat bayi, ya. Di acara ini diperkenalkan juga Pampers Baby Dry Pants baru. Inovasi terbarunya adalah adanya gel penyerap super (super gel) yang akan menyerap pipis bayi dengan cepat, dan menguncinya sehingga anti bocor. No worries, gel-nya terbuat dari bahan yang aman bahkan bagi bayi. Pampers Baby Dry Pants ini tahan 12 jam, lho. Ditambah lagi ada lapisan losionnya untuk menjaga kulit bayi supaya tidak iritasi dan lebih kering, ditambah pori di bagian belakang untuk membantu sirkulasi. Ada demo produk juga, terbukti Pampers Baby Dry Pants menyerap cairan secara cepat dan permukaannya kering! Berhubung lihat dengan mata kepala sendiri, saya percaya.

Para Mombassadors Pampers, Donna Agnesia dan Artika Sari Devi, menceritakan pengalaman mereka menggunakan Pampers Baby Dry Pants baru ini. Mereka mengakui anaknya bisa tidur hingga 12 jam tanpa merasa kebasahan, sesuai klaim Pampers. Tentunya anak pun bangun dengan ceria. Lha, kita aja yang dewasa pasti cranky kalau kurang tidur. Kalau tidurnya cukup, bangun-bangun pasti senyum-senyum hepi :D.

Nah, makanya Pampers juga membuat kontes foto, nih. Mulai sekarang coba perhatikan anak saat bangun pagi, lalu abadikan senyumnya. Ikutan, deh, di kontes Senyum Pagi Bayi No. 1 di Indonesia. Cukup upload saja fotonya ke https://www.everydayme.co.id/keluarga/kegiatan-anak/kontes/pampers-senyumpagibayino1 Foto pemenang bisa tampil di LED Billboard Pampers Mal Taman Anggrek dan hadir di VIP launch bulan Mei nanti. Yuuukk ikutan :)


Breastfeeding Bersama Zaq


Kalau sempet baca post yang ini, mungkin keliatan betapa saya deg-deg-an mau kerja lagi abis melahirkan. Kekhawatiran paling utama jelas masalah stok ASIP. Di bulan kedua kembali kerja, memang terbukti, stok ASIP habis, jadinya Zaq minum ASIP yang lumayan fresh, perahan hari sebelumnya. Ya, anggep aja ini sisi positif-nya, lah. Nggak minum ASIP rasa freezer :p

Ada suatu hari saat pagi-pagi udah bener-bener bete karena hari sebelumnya cuma bisa menghasilkan 3 botol ASIP. Gimana coba, 300ml buat stok 10 jam? Kan nggak mungkin. Terpaksa merelakan Zaq minum sufor. Jadi, kira-kira Zaq usia 5 bulan saya “menyerah” dan akhirnya beli sufor sekaleng. Nggak tega membayangkan bayi gembul yang doyan minum ini teriak-teriak karena kelaperan. Saya memilih dia minum sufor daripada anaknya harus menahan lapar. Laper kan nggak enak. Saya aja bisa muntah kalau telat makan (prone to masuk angin, emang).

Akhirnya Zaq emang minum sufor. Nggak tiap hari, saya instruksikan hanya kalau ASIP habis. One day, he drank half a bottle (50 ml). Hari lain, minum 100 ml karena saya pulang malam. Udah. Lho? Iya, sampai Zaq 6 bulan, dia cuma minum dua botol sufor :D Ada aja yang bikin sufor ini akhirnya nggak diperlukan walau stok ASIP kejar-kejaran. Mulai dari saya yang kerja di rumah seminggu karena nggak ada pengasuh, hingga anaknya tidur lama karena capek main jadi minumnya juga ngga banyak (ditebus saat saya pulang, nyusunya rakus).

Bersyukur banget, walau selalu deg-deg-an dan jungkir balik mompa (kalau meeting di luar, satu tas isi peralatan pumping harus ikut, selain laptop), akhirnya Zaq melalui masa ASI (yang nggak terlalu) eksklusif hanya dengan kebobolan dua botol sufor. Jadi harusnya dulu nggak perlu beli sufor, dong? Entar dulu. Psychologically speaking (at least sepanjang kesotilan saya), sufor ini ada manfaatnya. Karena ada si sufor ini, pas ngantor nggak stres mikirin ASIP di rumah. Nggak khawatir Zaq kelaperan. Nggak stres = pumping lancar. Malah lumayan nambah dikit hasil pumping tiap harinya. Jadinya besoknya sufornya ngga kepake. Hehehehe… Aneh tapi nyata.

Sekarang, Zaq udah makan! Yeyeyeyeyyyy! Lebih santai lagi jadinya, pumping makin rileks juga. ASIP juga ada terus buat si gembil. Walaupun, jeng-jengggggg, begini muka anaknya pas disuapin bubur beras merah:

Hahahahahaaaa Happy first meal, Zaq! Besok makan alpukat aja yaa… 

One Stop Shopping


Time is precious, and it’s just getting pricier and pricier. People would do their best to save time, therefore, saving other resources. Take it from someone who lives in traffic jam-infested city. Every minute wasted is a minute of your life you can’t buy back. 

Now, on to topic: one stop shopping. It’s preferable now to do all your shopping in a single location. This is why malls keep popping up around Jakarta, I think. I personally feel the advantage mall has. The father can get his new shirt, mommy can replenish her makeup cleanser, kids can get their alloted book of the week. End the day with grocery shopping. 

I remember a conversation like a decade ago with my sister and a cousin. Back when I was studying Psychology. We talked about business ideas and I thought it would be interesting to be a marriage counselor. My cousin replied she could see herself as a wedding planner. My sister, then a law student, said that divorce lawyer made good money. 

Now wouldn’t that be an interesting business? A complete cycle of marriage services. We could plan your wedding, get you some expert counsel when you face problems in your ten-year-anniversary, and, if all else fails, hook you up with a divorce lawyer to settle everything. Of course, special rate applies to those who use our service since the wedding. 

Thoughts? 😋

*disclaimer: don’t take this too seriously. Seriously.

Btw, none of us actually becomes what we talked about. It is still, sadly, just an idea. 



Nobody’s perfect. Not only that, even if you are so bloody good at something you can never actually do it perfectly. To err is human, and that’s exactly what we are.

Still, we can’t always settle for less, can we? It is also our nature to desire the best of everything. And we strive for the best. When your strive doesn’t result in the best possible outcome, that’s when the feeling of inadequacy hit.

Although normal, left uncheck, this feeling of inadequacy can make someone feel somewhat depressed. :( It’s probably necessary to think about it rationally every time the feeling emerges.

In my case, sometimes I feel like I could’ve done better, I should’ve done things differently, better, more well-thought, etc. I feel like I’m inadequate as a (insert noun here: mother, wife, employee, daughter, sister, etc), because I did something wrong, so that things are not as they ideally are. But did I try my best? Yes. Did I strive for the result I hoped for? Yes. Did I put in enough effort? Yes. So, should I beat myself down for my “failure”? Rationally, no. But, I feel what I feel. Hopefully it will motivate me to do better. To strive even harder.