One Stop Shopping

Time is precious, and it’s just getting pricier and pricier. People would do their best to save time, therefore, saving other resources. Take it from someone who lives in traffic jam-infested city. Every minute wasted is a minute of your life you can’t buy back. 

Now, on to topic: one stop shopping. It’s preferable now to do all your shopping in a single location. This is why malls keep popping up around Jakarta, I think. I personally feel the advantage mall has. The father can get his new shirt, mommy can replenish her makeup cleanser, kids can get their alloted book of the week. End the day with grocery shopping. 

I remember a conversation like a decade ago with my sister and a cousin. Back when I was studying Psychology. We talked about business ideas and I thought it would be interesting to be a marriage counselor. My cousin replied she could see herself as a wedding planner. My sister, then a law student, said that divorce lawyer made good money. 

Now wouldn’t that be an interesting business? A complete cycle of marriage services. We could plan your wedding, get you some expert counsel when you face problems in your ten-year-anniversary, and, if all else fails, hook you up with a divorce lawyer to settle everything. Of course, special rate applies to those who use our service since the wedding. 

Thoughts? 😋

*disclaimer: don’t take this too seriously. Seriously.

Btw, none of us actually becomes what we talked about. It is still, sadly, just an idea.