Sometimes I Don’t Like Wearing Makeup… 

… When it comes the time to remove it. Like I have mentioned a few times, I’m a couch potato. Well, okay, I’m lazy. There. So, although I know the best course is to do double cleansing, often I found myself skipping them all together and hop to bed instead. Don’t take a page out of my book, dear friends. I won’t be held responsible for your breakouts if you do. 

There is still hope for me, fortunately, for I am now trying to find cleansing methods simple enough for my sloth-like mentalism. 

Maybelline Total Clean, Laneige Cleansing Water, Bioderma Sensibio, Viva Green Tea Face Tonic

When all I use during the day are some powder and lipstick, I resort to Bioderma Sensibio micellar water cleanser. It’s definitely enough to remove powder and my skin feel moisturized afterward. 

When full-on makeup is employed, even the sloth have to exert some willpower and use a more thorough method. I use Laneige cleansing water (texture is like cleansing oil, though), remove it with Viva toner-soaked cotton pad, use Bioderma and if I feel like it, apply more toner. I use separate cleanser for eye makeup (Maybelline Total Clean). Do you see that no foaming cleanser is present? Sloth here! I figure, I’ll use that in the shower the next morning, so, a few hours delay won’t hurt. Right? 

Is there any sloth like me out there? Do you have any other cleansing hacks I need to know? Do share!