Wish List: Compact Powder with Sun Protection 

After finally managed to decide on what sunscreen to get (Biore UV Aqua Watery Essence), I’m still in a sunscreen crave. This time I thought I’ll get something in powder form, for touch ups during the day. Again I’m leaning toward Asian products since they seem to obsess over sun protection more so than western brands. To my delight, more local Indonesian products now have double spectrum sun protection. Easier to find, and relatively more affordable. Yay! So, I have been thinking and have narrowed down my choices to the following, in no particular order.

  1. Caring by Biokos Timeless Illuminate. SPF 35 PA+++ XHB00438500000377_2016060778279_1_caring-by-biokos-timeless-illuminate-dual-action-cake-01-silky-nude---for-dry-skin
  2. Canmake Transparent Finish Powder. SPF 30 PA++ img_7610

To be honest I don’t know what else is out there in terms of compact powder with sun protection. I think Emina and Marina both have compact powder with UV protection, too. I’ve also seen some Sun Cushion but I think I’d like powder form since I already use cushion as base. But darn these Korean cosmetics, they keep producing these cute cushions!

The Face Shop x Disney Baby Sunscreen Cushion
etude sun blind 에뛰드하우스_선_블라인드_쿠션_00002-750x750
Etude House Sun Blind Cushion
The Face Shop x Kakao Friends Sun Eco Cushion

Still don’t know which one I’m gonna get, although I’m leaning towards Sariayu. Do you use sun protection powder/compact? Any thoughts?


Easy Peasy Spa At Home

Ever since I started working full time after 5 years of being a stay-at-home mom, I quickly realized that I started to neglect caring for my skin. As a result, I see my skin getting drier. This is predictable since I spend the whole day in air-conditioned room. Moreover, with a full time job and two toddlers, I would rather spend my weekend with them than going to a spa.

So, I need to find a way to relax and give more attention to my skin, preferably at home. So, imagine my delight when I heard about the spa series from Sariayu! The range of products promises the feel of a spa right in your own house.

For my current skin condition, I opted for Minyak Urut Zaitun. I always love olive oil 🙂 I use this like I would use body lotion. It does leave your skin a bit sticky, but I love the hydrating effect. I try to massage the skin lightly, but most of the time I just try to rub the oil in.


Afterwards, I take a shower. Warm water tend to dry your skin so it’s best to use cold water, but I can’t do cold water hehehe… I use semi-warm water. Next, I use body lotion. I love using lotion with pleasant scent because it relaxes me. You might want to try Sariayu Eksotik Tanjung body lotion plus refreshing aromatic. I’m one of those white-floral-scent kind of girl so I LOOOVEEE the scent of this lotion. I can’t stop sniffing it 😀


After that relaxing ritual, I like to lay down and turn on the TV to my favorite TV shows.  But not before I splash some Sariayu Eksotika Tanjung Body Splash Cologne. Do you see a pattern here? Hehehe… Bunga tanjung really smells wonderful. Trust me, you will feel more relaxed and happy if you smell good.


That’s it. Simple, easy, not time consuming at all. Add hot chocolate to the mix and I’m golden. Definitely ready to start working again in the morning. Try it!

Oh, one more thing. If you want to know about the rest of the spa series, visit and like their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/sariayu.mt and you can also follow their twitter account @Sariayu_MT

There is also a blog competition held by Female Daily at http://femaledaily.com/createyourownspa There is a netbook to be won!