Sometimes I Don’t Like Wearing Makeup… 

… When it comes the time to remove it. Like I have mentioned a few times, I’m a couch potato. Well, okay, I’m lazy. There. So, although I know the best course is to do double cleansing, often I found myself skipping them all together and hop to bed instead. Don’t take a page out of my book, dear friends. I won’t be held responsible for your breakouts if you do. 

There is still hope for me, fortunately, for I am now trying to find cleansing methods simple enough for my sloth-like mentalism. 

Maybelline Total Clean, Laneige Cleansing Water, Bioderma Sensibio, Viva Green Tea Face Tonic

When all I use during the day are some powder and lipstick, I resort to Bioderma Sensibio micellar water cleanser. It’s definitely enough to remove powder and my skin feel moisturized afterward. 

When full-on makeup is employed, even the sloth have to exert some willpower and use a more thorough method. I use Laneige cleansing water (texture is like cleansing oil, though), remove it with Viva toner-soaked cotton pad, use Bioderma and if I feel like it, apply more toner. I use separate cleanser for eye makeup (Maybelline Total Clean). Do you see that no foaming cleanser is present? Sloth here! I figure, I’ll use that in the shower the next morning, so, a few hours delay won’t hurt. Right? 

Is there any sloth like me out there? Do you have any other cleansing hacks I need to know? Do share! 


[Review] Maybelline Clean Express Miracle Water

I’ve been hearing good things about micellar water cleanser. As a self-proclaimed couch potato, I was obviously intrigued by the claim of easiness of removing your makeup. In my defense, I am now, once again, a mother of a little baby. You can imagine my (further) reluctance to use cleansing oil, toner and facial foam at the end of a long day while the baby is crying wanting to nurse. It’s just too much.

For a while, the only readily available micellar water makeup remover came with a price tag of IDR 200k. Hmmm… Not willing (yet) to dish that kind of dough for makeup remover.

Once I read about Maybelline Clean Express Miracle Water in (where else) Female Daily, I’m determined to get my hands on it because, well, the price! For only IDR 50k, I think it’s a steal! So, how did it fare in terms of removing makeup?

I must say I’m a bit surprised. It certainly did the job well. I used Covergirl Simply Ageless foundation and at the end of the day, using this, it came off quite thoroughly. I soaked two cotton pads to completely remove my makeup.


If you’re using heavier makeup, you’ll need more to completely wipe off the makeup. For my daily use, two, sometimes one cotton pad(s) will do.

Btw, I have used the pricier one, and I found them both more or less the same in terms of efficacy. In all fairness, I don’t have sensitive skin so that might contribute to my similar experience with these two brands.

Maybelline Clean Express Miracle Water is available in all Maybelline counters. Price is IDR 50.000.

Have you tried Maybelline Clean Express Miracle Water? Do drop a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts!