New Pond’s White Beauty (Re)-Launch

So, I few weeks ago I attended an event: New Pond’s White Beauty (Re)-Launch in Hotel Mulia, Senayan. Why a relaunch? Well, Pond’s White Beauty has been around for some time and now Pond’s is reformulating it. I have heard good things about the “old” Pond’s White Beauty. For some people, the product really works. So I did wonder, why change something that works? I got the answer in this event. Apparently, nowadays women in Indonesia no longer wanted clear skin. They seek something more, something pretty hard to explain with words. But they can see the example of the skin they want in Korean star. I, myself, don’t watch that many Korean… stuff. 😀 But apparently their skin is pretty to-die-for. Okay, I admit, afterwards I did a bit of googling and finally understand a bit about why these women want complexion like a Korean star. Their skin is… I have no idea how to call it: radiant, not pale, glowing, simply put, very desirable. People at Pond’s also try to explain this condition of skin and finally they come up with the term translucent pinkish white or jernih putih merona in Indonesian.

Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream
Pond’s White Beauty Night Cream picture from

The reformulation of Pond’s White Beauty is directed towards achieving this translucent pinkish white skin. Pond’s added two mighty ingredients: saffron and (what else!) Korean ginseng. These two ingredients combined with vitamin B3 are promised to deliver healthy, glowing, translucent pinkish white skin. You might want to give this range a go if you want that “jernih putih merona” skin.

20131018-052716 PM.jpg
Saffron and ginseng

At the event I tried two variants of the New Pond’s White Beauty: Day Cream and Night Cream. The day cream is formulated as vanishing cream, guaranteed to make your face vanish… Wait, that can’t be right… I mean, it is formulated to virtually vanish after application. It leaves your face matte with no residual icky feeling in your skin. This is perfect as makeup base, I think. The night cream, on the other hand is very moisturizing and it does feel a bit slippery on your face. Since you will be using it before bed I imagine this shouldn’t be a problem. I also think this is a very good option for those with stubbornly dry skin.

20131018-052941 PM.jpg
New Pond’s White Beauty

I certainly had fun at the event. I met beauty bloggers who are all dressed in cute pink toned outfits. The event started at 18.30 pm and luckily there were food served. Sushi, no less. I was happy, naturally. The event theme is pink, so naturally the decor and even some of the food were in that tone. Aside from pink shrimp and tuna sushi, there were macaroons. It was fortunate, too, since it was nearing dinner time so none of us were starved during the event and can concentrate fully while listening to explanations from Dr. David Birtwistle, R&D Regional Director, Skin Care & Cleansing Unilever South East Asia and Australasia.

20131018-053021 PM.jpg 20131018-053057 PM.jpg 20131018-053111 PM.jpg

The night ended with Nadya Mulya as host announcing the winners for best tweet and best dress. 3 best dress winners got themselves new Kate Spade bags! How lucky are they? 😀

After the event I hitched a ride with Griss to PS, where Arief was waiting for me. Managed to get him to buy me a book so all in all it was a fabulous night!

20131018-053004 PM.jpg
The blouse I’m wearing is blush-coloured, doesn’t show much in photo 😦

If you want to know more on how to achieve jernih putih merona skin, just visit or for those of you social media buffs you can find Pond’s in Twitter @PONDSTeens or


Anyone tried this new Pond’s White Beauty? I’d love to hear your thoughts!