(Online) Shopaholic

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I love to shop online. My first experience with online shopping was during my first pregnancy. I was sick most of the time, having headaches and morning sickness all day long. So mostly I stayed home, trying to sleep it off.

But I still needed to shop for baby needs. That’s when I started browsing for various baby products and realized that I could shop without leaving my house. I bought various stuff like baby shoes, ring sling, and baby bottles.

I still shop online now. No longer limited to baby needs. I bought makeup, clothes, children clothes, accessories, even food. Once I got this hankering for well known steamed brownies (bronis kukus) from Bandung, I found that this person is willing to shop for you (she lived in Bandung) and send those yummy Bandung snacks all over Indonesia. So I ordered two boxes of my favorite brownies and was enjoying them two days later. Convenient.

I admit this habit is not necessarily healthy for my bank account. I need to REALLY exercise some self control if I don’t want to go bankrupt. But, that being said, it is fun. Retail therapy (in whatever form there is) is always fun. So why don’t I share some of the joy eheheheeee… *evil grin*

These are a few of my favorite online shops. Some I haven’t shopped at but got good reviews from others. Do visit them.

There are lots of other great online shops but for the life of me I can’t remember them all. Maybe I’ll do another post on this some other time. In the mean time do visit those shops. Online window browsing is fun, too (especially during tanggal tua, hehehehe….).