Desk Drawer Essentials

For those working full time in an office, chances are you spend more than 6 hours in it. Me, I got in the office around 9 every morning and left after 6. Naturally, I have a few things stocked in my desk drawer. Here are some of my essentials.

Spending all day in an air-conditioned space can do things to your skin you wouldn’t like. That’s why I keep a tub of body butter in my drawer. I put some on in the mornings and reapply as needed. Currently residing in my drawer is Sephora Body Butter. This particular body butter is thick and somewhat tacky, so I seldom reapply.

Lip balm is also a must since I have notoriously dry, chapped lips. eos lip balm is probably not the best out there but I like the scent. Texture is “filmy”, like I feel there’s a film coating my lips after applying. This I could reapply 3-5 times a day.

The foot spray is a new addition to my arsenal. Some of my work shoes turned out to be foot sauna x___x So, to relieve aching, tired and hot feet I spray it on two-three times throughout the day. Smells nice, too. I think any foot spray will do but this Taman Sari Royal Heritage foot spray is very refreshing and has a minty, herbal scent.

Hand cream and cologne (both from L’Occitane) get minimum mileage since I don’t use them that often, but still nice to have. I usually put some cologne on before leaving for meeting, just for a little added confidence. The Verbena cologne smells refreshing and not overpowering, suitable for daytime. I know I should’ve used hand cream after each hand wash (which I do quite regularly), but more often than not, I forgot. ┬áStill, it’s good to know I have some in case I do remember :p

Is there any other thing I should have in my work drawer? Do drop a comment and share your thoughts!