All Dolled Up

Memang sih, lagi malas banget dandan. Justru itu, kalau ada yang mau dandanin pastinya seneng banget! Waktu acara Female Daily Beauty Workshop tanggal 18 Juni lalu, disuruh jadi model yang akan didandani oleh Mutsuya Sakai, makeup artist Kanebo yang datang dari Jepang. Seneng-seneng aja lah, gue. Apalagi sebelum makeup dipakein skincare Kanebo, mulai dari cleansing!

Pas banget hari itu suami tersayang baru pulang dinas selama seminggu. Hihihihi lumayan lah jadinya dia dapet pemandangan oke, istrinya ngga kucel :p

with Mr. Mutsuya Sakai
with Mr. Mutsuya Sakai



Apa aja kemarin produk yang dipakai ya?

Lunasol Point Make Off (eye & lip makeup remover)

Blanchir Superior Oil Cleansing

Blanchir Superior White Foam Totalyzer

Blanchir Lotion


Lunasol Makeup Base

Impress Cream Foundation (I’m praying someone will be kind enough to gift this to me. I love it!)

Lunasol Loose Powder

Lunasol Eyelid Base

Lunasol Eyeshadow Quad, liquid eyeliner, mascara and brow powder

Lunasol blush


I love getting dolled up! 🙂






Feelin’ Lazy

I’m lazy by nature, but being pregnant doesn’t help my condition at all. I get lazier with my expanding belly. Maybe it’s because I’m also getting older, but this time around being 26 weeks pregnant is not as easy as it was with my previous children. I get tired so much and my belly is so uncomfortable. 😦

Last time, I wrote about simplifying my skincare routine. I cut it down to less than 5 products. Well, I’m applying the same principle on makeup, too. I go to work bare-faced nowadays. You guess it, too lazy to put on makeup. In order not to look like I roll out of bed and head straight to work, I put on lipstick just to add some color.

Just because I’m in a lazy mood to put on makeup doesn’t mean I stop shopping for it! Hence, my mini makeup haul this month. Mostly lipstick since that’s what I use frequently nowadays. No use of getting new foundation when I can’t find the willpower to put it on. So, here they are!

photo 2 photo 1

I’m restocking my favorite eye primer: e.l.f Essential Eyelid Primer in sheer. Works well on me. And since my pen eyeliner is nearing its lifetime, I got MAC Penultimate eyeliner which I’ve been wanting to try. As for the lipsticks, my new babies include MAC Aquatic in Pet Me, Please (got this purely because of the packaging, I wanted Mystical or Enchanted but they were sold out), Wet ‘n Wild Megalast in Just Peachy and Lime Crime Geradium. No swatches yet since I’m, well, lazy. :p



Hormones, Hormones

I am currently in my 20th week of pregnancy. Couple of weeks ago I started noticing something. My skin seemed drier than usual. I found some areas on my face that are flaky. Today I realized that my fingertips started to show some flakiness, too. I knew that hormonal changes can do weird things to your body so that was my first thought. Upon scouring the internet I found that indeed hormonal and immune system changes during pregnancy is likely the reason behind skin changes.

Sadly, I’m not the most diligent person when it comes to skin and body care. Sure, I love makeup, but skin care is a whole other ball game. Now I have no choice but to pay more attention while at the same time looking for products safe enough to use.

My laziness hit all time high nowadays. The simple task of cleansing face at the end of the day has become such a chore. Now I’m relying on facial wipes to remove dirt and makeup (which now I rarely use) and non alcohol toner afterwards. In the morning I use booster/essence and then moisturizer. I’ve read that in order to combat dryness during pregnancy, a treatment of moisturizing facial mask once a week is recommended. I only plan on doing once a month/3 weeks. I hope it’s enough :/

I haven’t ask my obgyn or do a skin consultation but my suspicion is that although I continue to experience oiliness on my face (especially nose and T-zone), the flakiness suggests dehydration is taking place. This is frustrating 😦 I hope once I start religiously doing my skincare regime, my skin’ll get better.

These are the products I plan to use. Already trimmed and narrowed down since I can’t use too much. Shoo, shoo, dry skin!

Sheet Mask from The Face Shop, used once a month
Mitu Shikada Facial Wipes
Mitu Shikada Facial Wipes


Viva Green Tea Face Tonic


Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum
SK-II Stempower

Obat Sepi Saat Ditinggal Biz Trip

Dua tahun belakangan ini suami lagi sering dapet rezeki dinas. Walau kerja, kita anggep rezeki aja, kan bisa jalan-jalan. Nah, masalahnye (keluar betawinya), yang ditinggal ini loh, nelongso. Lumayan ditinggal lima hari sampe seminggu. Komunikasi tergantung ada wifi apa enggak. Walau ada anak dua ribut di rumah, nggak ada suami tetep beda rasanya.

Nah, biar yang ditinggal (gue) nggak terlalu bete, I distract myself by compiling a shopping list. In my case it usually consisted of makeup or skincare. Kenapa gue bilang ini distracting? Saat bikin list-nya, gue jadi nggak mikirin nanti gimana sepinya pas ditinggal. Gue kalo bikin list oleh-oleh gini bisa lama, lho. Bukan apa-apa, dana soalnya terbatas, dan yang gue mau banyak 😀 Jadi gue list yang gue mau, research selengkapnya warna de el el yang gue mau, lalu edit sampe jumlahnya masuk akal. Kadang gue bikin list nggak cuma buat gue doang. Suami gue itu selalu bingung beliin oleh-oleh apa buat keluarga yang lain. Jadi biasanya gue bikinin juga list oleh-oleh massal ini: buat keluarga Sawo, keluarga Lenteng, anak-anak, temen kantornya segala. Cuma sampai situ? Nggak, lah. Gue list juga tiap item bisa dibeli di mana. Nama toko, areanya , kalau ada bahkan alamat. Ini buat memastikan itu oleh-oleh kebeli. Kalau dia nggak tau di mana tempatnya, bisa-bisa nggak kebeli. Manyun lah gue. Riset toko ini juga lumayan menyita waktu karena gue pastiin tokonya berada dekat hotel tempat dia nginep, atau deket lokasi meetingnya, atau deket lokasi nantinya dia jalan-jalan. Kadang kalau itinerary-nya lengkap, belanjaan gue-lah yang menyesuaikan dengan toko-toko yang accessible sesuai itin. Yep, I’m thorough.


Adanya list belanja ini juga memotivasi suami gue untuk lebih sering komunikasi, entah via sms atau Face Time. Soalnya soon or later dia pasti butuh nanya ke gue soal list oleh-oleh ini. Misal, udah sampe toko tapi warnanya ngga ada. Biasanya udah gue kasih alternatif warna/produk juga, sih. Nah, biasanya dia akan menghubungi di saat-saat seperti itu. Kalau ada wifi gratis lumayan, bisa Face Time. Sekalian kangen-kangenan, dong. 😀

Setelah pak suami pulang dan kita bongkar oleh-oleh, rasa kangen dan kesepian selama ditinggal bisa terobati setelah liat belanjaan, hahahaaaaaa… Apalagi kalau semua berhasil kebeli, ikut lega karena riset gue berguna dan ngebantu. Aneh? Iya, kali. Biarin aja, deh. Everyone has their own coping mechanism and this is one of mine.

satu hal yang bisa gue sarankan untuk yang mau nitip oleh-oleh, buatlah list selengkap mungkin. Pikirkan juga, yang beli ngerti barangnya apa nggak? Salah satu alasan gue bikin list selengkap yellow pages adalah karena suami gue laki-laki (well, duh) yang nggak mudheng makeup atau skincare. List yang jelas akan mempermudah dia belanja dan nggak harus selalu bergantung pada sales assistant di toko. Kalau dirimu mau nitip beliin gadget ke orang yang nggak ngerti gadget, sama, kan? Siapin spek-nya supaya nggak salah beli. Nanti nitip aipon yang kebeli aipod kan situ juga yang bete?  Selamat nitip!

New Pond’s White Beauty (Re)-Launch

So, I few weeks ago I attended an event: New Pond’s White Beauty (Re)-Launch in Hotel Mulia, Senayan. Why a relaunch? Well, Pond’s White Beauty has been around for some time and now Pond’s is reformulating it. I have heard good things about the “old” Pond’s White Beauty. For some people, the product really works. So I did wonder, why change something that works? I got the answer in this event. Apparently, nowadays women in Indonesia no longer wanted clear skin. They seek something more, something pretty hard to explain with words. But they can see the example of the skin they want in Korean star. I, myself, don’t watch that many Korean… stuff. 😀 But apparently their skin is pretty to-die-for. Okay, I admit, afterwards I did a bit of googling and finally understand a bit about why these women want complexion like a Korean star. Their skin is… I have no idea how to call it: radiant, not pale, glowing, simply put, very desirable. People at Pond’s also try to explain this condition of skin and finally they come up with the term translucent pinkish white or jernih putih merona in Indonesian.

Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream
Pond’s White Beauty Night Cream picture from

The reformulation of Pond’s White Beauty is directed towards achieving this translucent pinkish white skin. Pond’s added two mighty ingredients: saffron and (what else!) Korean ginseng. These two ingredients combined with vitamin B3 are promised to deliver healthy, glowing, translucent pinkish white skin. You might want to give this range a go if you want that “jernih putih merona” skin.

20131018-052716 PM.jpg
Saffron and ginseng

At the event I tried two variants of the New Pond’s White Beauty: Day Cream and Night Cream. The day cream is formulated as vanishing cream, guaranteed to make your face vanish… Wait, that can’t be right… I mean, it is formulated to virtually vanish after application. It leaves your face matte with no residual icky feeling in your skin. This is perfect as makeup base, I think. The night cream, on the other hand is very moisturizing and it does feel a bit slippery on your face. Since you will be using it before bed I imagine this shouldn’t be a problem. I also think this is a very good option for those with stubbornly dry skin.

20131018-052941 PM.jpg
New Pond’s White Beauty

I certainly had fun at the event. I met beauty bloggers who are all dressed in cute pink toned outfits. The event started at 18.30 pm and luckily there were food served. Sushi, no less. I was happy, naturally. The event theme is pink, so naturally the decor and even some of the food were in that tone. Aside from pink shrimp and tuna sushi, there were macaroons. It was fortunate, too, since it was nearing dinner time so none of us were starved during the event and can concentrate fully while listening to explanations from Dr. David Birtwistle, R&D Regional Director, Skin Care & Cleansing Unilever South East Asia and Australasia.

20131018-053021 PM.jpg 20131018-053057 PM.jpg 20131018-053111 PM.jpg

The night ended with Nadya Mulya as host announcing the winners for best tweet and best dress. 3 best dress winners got themselves new Kate Spade bags! How lucky are they? 😀

After the event I hitched a ride with Griss to PS, where Arief was waiting for me. Managed to get him to buy me a book so all in all it was a fabulous night!

20131018-053004 PM.jpg
The blouse I’m wearing is blush-coloured, doesn’t show much in photo 😦

If you want to know more on how to achieve jernih putih merona skin, just visit or for those of you social media buffs you can find Pond’s in Twitter @PONDSTeens or


Anyone tried this new Pond’s White Beauty? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 


Easy Peasy Spa At Home

Ever since I started working full time after 5 years of being a stay-at-home mom, I quickly realized that I started to neglect caring for my skin. As a result, I see my skin getting drier. This is predictable since I spend the whole day in air-conditioned room. Moreover, with a full time job and two toddlers, I would rather spend my weekend with them than going to a spa.

So, I need to find a way to relax and give more attention to my skin, preferably at home. So, imagine my delight when I heard about the spa series from Sariayu! The range of products promises the feel of a spa right in your own house.

For my current skin condition, I opted for Minyak Urut Zaitun. I always love olive oil 🙂 I use this like I would use body lotion. It does leave your skin a bit sticky, but I love the hydrating effect. I try to massage the skin lightly, but most of the time I just try to rub the oil in.


Afterwards, I take a shower. Warm water tend to dry your skin so it’s best to use cold water, but I can’t do cold water hehehe… I use semi-warm water. Next, I use body lotion. I love using lotion with pleasant scent because it relaxes me. You might want to try Sariayu Eksotik Tanjung body lotion plus refreshing aromatic. I’m one of those white-floral-scent kind of girl so I LOOOVEEE the scent of this lotion. I can’t stop sniffing it 😀


After that relaxing ritual, I like to lay down and turn on the TV to my favorite TV shows.  But not before I splash some Sariayu Eksotika Tanjung Body Splash Cologne. Do you see a pattern here? Hehehe… Bunga tanjung really smells wonderful. Trust me, you will feel more relaxed and happy if you smell good.


That’s it. Simple, easy, not time consuming at all. Add hot chocolate to the mix and I’m golden. Definitely ready to start working again in the morning. Try it!

Oh, one more thing. If you want to know about the rest of the spa series, visit and like their Facebook page: and you can also follow their twitter account @Sariayu_MT

There is also a blog competition held by Female Daily at There is a netbook to be won!

Skin Care Daze

I should really pay more attention to my skin. Let’s face it (pun intended), I’m already in my thirties. Surely twenty-something years of bad habits is going to catch up on me soon. Now, I know the most important thing is to rectify my lifestyle. I need to eat healthier (susah… Kurang niat nih), exercise more and drink plenty of water. While I’m working on those, I’m also gonna tweak my skin care routine to help my skin condition. 

I’m more of a make up girl. I’m more willing to spend money on make up rather than skin care. Yes, yes, I know, shame on me. After all, what good does make updo without a good “base” or canvas, right? But I haven’t really been neglecting my skin care. I just don’t do it religiously enough. 

My usual skin care routine is simple. In the morning, I use facial wash while in the shower. Afterwards I put on antioxidant serum and moisturiser (sometimes. I’m not really liking the texture of my current moisturiser so lately I’m inclined to skip it). If I’m going out I put on bb cream with spf, then my make up. At night, I use make up remover (if necessary), then cleansing milk and toner. After that I apply serum and eye cream. Done. 

My ideal routine will be as follows:


  • Facial wash
  • Serum (I’m going to repurchase Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Sample size 😀 *bokek*)
  • Lotion (really want to try Hada Labo)
  • Moisturizer/milk (might skip this, it can be too rich for my oily-combination skin)
  • Sunscreen (I’m eyeing Skin Aqua, or maybe I’m going to wait for Hada Labo, Indonesian version)
  • Make up (if necessary)


  • Eye make up remover (if necessary)
  • Cleansing milk
  • Toner
  • Face wash (not sure where to put this step. Before or after toner?)
  • Serum
  • Lotion
  • Moisturizer/milk (again, optional)
  • Eye cream

 It’s pretty intimidating for me. I get bored easily and most of the times i don’t have the patience to do all the steps. Let’s just hope I can stick to this routine. 

Blush of the Week: Estee Lauder Rose Nuance

Supaya nggak bosen, blush of the week warnanya pink. Kemaren kan udah nuansa peach. Estee Lauder Rose Nuance tampilannya cantik banget, dengan gradasi warna warm pink sampai pale pink, hampir putih.

Rose Nuance

Sayangnya selama seminggu ini karena nggak ada ART jadinya dandan juga cepet-cepet aja, nggak sempet eskplor si bagian putihnya itu untuk jadi highlighter. Kalo dipake bareng sih warnanya pink. No peach tone whatsoever (menurut saya). Pigmentasi bagus. Bahkan, waktu pertama kali nyoba setelah dikasih nyokap (yep, yang ini boleh dapet gratisan. Ihihihihihi…) terlalu tebel makenya. Badut abis euy. Jadi, makenya cukup di tap-tap pelan aja trus tinggal blend di pipi. Nggak powdery kok. As usual saya pake elf studio blush brush, nggak pake brush bawaannya.

Finishnya nggak terlalu shimmery. Di pan keliatan ada shimmer sedikit tapi hampir nggak keliatan begitu sampe di pipi. Jadi buat yang nggak suka bling-bling di pipi ini oke.

Rose nuance ini bagus, tapiiii tetep aja saya ngiler berat sama Peach Nuance yang katanya dupe-nya MAC Ripe Peach itu. Cantiiikkkkkk….

EL Peach Nuance & MAC Ripe Peach, pic from


Blush of The Week: MAC Melba

My first choice for blush of the week project is MAC Melba. I heard great reviews on this blush and had to try it myself. I’m into peach-blush-phase now so I really couldn’t wait to get my hand on this blush. I was contemplating on getting it straight from the nearest MAC counter but out of the blue a cousin went to Singapore! So I was able to save a few pennies (well, actually closer to hundred thousand rupiahs, LOL) because she got it at Changi.

Review dari mbak Christine temptalia bilang ini warnanya ” matte medium-dark, browned peach”. Sebenernya sih pengen pure peach yang lebih ke orange, tapi ini juga cakep kok warnanya. Di pan lebih keliatan coklat gitu. Tapi begitu di pipi baru keliatan hint peach-orangenya. Finishnya matte, which I like, soalnya kadang kalo yang shimmery bikin kulit oilyku makin meling-meling heheheee…

MAC Melba
MAC Melba swatch picture from

Cakep ya? Begitu dipake, saya suka warnanya. Karena agak coklat jadi keliatan ada efek sun-kissed gitu (my personal opinion ya, might look different on you). Makes me look healthier, instead of my usually pale-never-out-of-the-house complexion.

By the way, this is my first MAC blush. I’ve heard they have good pigmentation but this is the first time I had the chance to see for myself. Dan ternyata emang pigmentasi oke banget. I only need to tap once, lightly with my elf studio blush brush. Warnanya langsung keluar tanpa harus pake banyak-banyak. Jadinya ini udah dipake berkali-kali masih keliatan kayak baru banget. Waduh kapan abisnya ya kalo gini?

Blush of the Week

Naaaah berhubung blush-blush baruku sudah datang (hello pretties!), kayaknya boleh mulai project baru nih. My bad habit is when I have new makeup item I tend to use the new items and forget about the others. Kasian kan, jadi gak tersentuh. Dan kan beresiko keburu expired itu lenongan.
So, alangkah bagusnya kalo para makeup itu dipakai bergilir. Jadi semua bisa kepake. Dirotasi, gitu. I got this idea from a beauty blogger (kayaknya sih banyak yang pake sistem ini, gue aja kuper) who rotates her blushes, one per week. Jadi minggu ini dia pake satu blush, blush berikut di minggu berikut, sampe (kalo sanggup) semua kepake at least sekali.
Kayaknya dalam beberapa minggu ke depan boleh nih diadopsi sistem ini. Or maybe I should do this with my lipsticks as well? Say, two for a week? Will update soon.