Nobody’s perfect. Not only that, even if you are so bloody good at something you can never actually do it perfectly. To err is human, and that’s exactly what we are.

Still, we can’t always settle for less, can we? It is also our nature to desire the best of everything. And we strive for the best. When your strive doesn’t result in the best possible outcome, that’s when the feeling of inadequacy hit.

Although normal, left uncheck, this feeling of inadequacy can make someone feel somewhat depressed. 😦 It’s probably necessary to think about it rationally every time the feeling emerges.

In my case, sometimes I feel like I could’ve done better, I should’ve done things differently, better, more well-thought, etc. I feel like I’m inadequate as a (insert noun here: mother, wife, employee, daughter, sister, etc), because I did something wrong, so that things are not as they ideally are. But did I try my best? Yes. Did I strive for the result I hoped for? Yes. Did I put in enough effort? Yes. So, should I beat myself down for my “failure”? Rationally, no. But, I feel what I feel. Hopefully it will motivate me to do better. To strive even harder.

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