Getting Chubby (Feet)

Edema, described as normal swelling due to additional blood and body fluids, is what I’ve been experiencing this past week. The first time I realized this was when I noticed my rubber Melissa shoes had a tear! Asleee, saking kaki melebar sepatu jadi sobek! This is new for me because I didn’t experience any kind of swelling when I was pregnant with Aria nor Rory. Like, at all! Now, I see my feet and I don’t recognize them. Someone has stolen my feet and replaced them with balloon-feet! (insert horror emoticon)

I don’t mind the swelling. For what I’ve heard/read, it’s perfectly normal especially in the last trimester, as long as it is not sudden which may be sign of preeclampsia.  However, I didn’t know that some discomfort/pain would be involved! x___x One weekend I spent a lot of time on my feet. What else, doing shopping and mall-ing 😀 The following Monday, my right foot hurt! Putting pressure on it was painful. 😦 I spent the rest of the day in bed (was down with a cold anyway) and tried to always elevate my legs. I figured having to drive to work also contributed to the swelling. So for the rest of the pregnancy period (just a couple of weeks more) dear husband will pick me up at work. Hopefully this will help to keep swelling to minimum.



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