Consider yourself warned. I’m about to rant.

I know every pregnancy is different and I shouldn’t expect otherwise. This one though, really do a number on me. Circumstances are clearly different this time around since I’m working full time. With the other two pregnancies I was at home. Add that to the fact that I am older, live a sedentary lifestyle and perhaps with the aid of pregnancy hormones, in my 32nd week I feel exhausted most of the time. I drive to work and will continue to do so until my leave since it’s the best option. Usually it takes only around 30 mins to get to work, not long by Jakarta standard. Still, I arrive at the office slightly tired from it. I spend the day sitting with the occasional walks to the pantry or loo. This probably contribute to my stiff shoulders and back pains. Then I drive home, which usually takes 30-45 mins due to traffic.

Usually I come straight upstairs. Nowadays, the climb will make my knees hurt. Hurt, damn it. I may not be the fittest person but never have I experience knee pains! Aren’t those for people (read: older people) with some kind of joint problems or injuries? Surely not me?

Each night, all I could do is curl up on my bed, trying to ease the various aches. Oh, have I mentioned that I get short breaths, too? Sleeping is tricky. I need to make sure my belly is safe, I can breathe properly and I’m generally comfortable. Sometimes I can only get two out of three.

Maybe I need a massage.

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