Skin Care Daze

I should really pay more attention to my skin. Let’s face it (pun intended), I’m already in my thirties. Surely twenty-something years of bad habits is going to catch up on me soon. Now, I know the most important thing is to rectify my lifestyle. I need to eat healthier (susah… Kurang niat nih), exercise more and drink plenty of water. While I’m working on those, I’m also gonna tweak my skin care routine to help my skin condition. 

I’m more of a make up girl. I’m more willing to spend money on make up rather than skin care. Yes, yes, I know, shame on me. After all, what good does make updo without a good “base” or canvas, right? But I haven’t really been neglecting my skin care. I just don’t do it religiously enough. 

My usual skin care routine is simple. In the morning, I use facial wash while in the shower. Afterwards I put on antioxidant serum and moisturiser (sometimes. I’m not really liking the texture of my current moisturiser so lately I’m inclined to skip it). If I’m going out I put on bb cream with spf, then my make up. At night, I use make up remover (if necessary), then cleansing milk and toner. After that I apply serum and eye cream. Done. 

My ideal routine will be as follows:


  • Facial wash
  • Serum (I’m going to repurchase Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Sample size 😀 *bokek*)
  • Lotion (really want to try Hada Labo)
  • Moisturizer/milk (might skip this, it can be too rich for my oily-combination skin)
  • Sunscreen (I’m eyeing Skin Aqua, or maybe I’m going to wait for Hada Labo, Indonesian version)
  • Make up (if necessary)


  • Eye make up remover (if necessary)
  • Cleansing milk
  • Toner
  • Face wash (not sure where to put this step. Before or after toner?)
  • Serum
  • Lotion
  • Moisturizer/milk (again, optional)
  • Eye cream

 It’s pretty intimidating for me. I get bored easily and most of the times i don’t have the patience to do all the steps. Let’s just hope I can stick to this routine. 


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