I Wear My Baby. How About You?

Most of the times people would second-looked us. I guess using baby wrap is still pretty unusual. But it gets more common nowadays.

Back when Aria was still a baby, people around me always warned me about not letting him be accustomed to being carried. Or as they say, bau tangan. It is understandable, carrying your baby around all day can be a hassle. It’s hard to get anything done. Now, with Rory, I find myself more inclined to holding her all the time. Maybe because in the beginning, she wasn’t that heavy. She was quite petite, and light. So I didn’t really mind holding her. Moreover, she seemed to prefer it. She fell asleep easily in my arms, and then woke up just as easily when put down hehehhh…

I’ve been eyeing a baby wrap since I was still pregnant with Rory. The idea of having my hands free while still able to carry my baby around appealed to me. Not to mention that the wrap distributed the weight of the baby evenly between shoulders and back. So less shoulder and back pain, yayyy!

When it comes to choosing what brand of wrap to buy, I did some research. Took me a while. You know, I was very indecisive. The local brands were of course cheaper, but the reviews weren’t that great either. The imported ones, well, let’s say it will cause a hefty dent in your wallet. But, the reviews are great.  Naturally, I was confused. Since I didn’t know if I was going to use this regularly, I decided to get a local wrap. Before I got the chance to decide which brand, I spotted one being sold in a forum. It was preloved item, and the owner was willing to trade with a ring sling. I remembered owning a sling I never used.  So i took pictures of it and emailed her. She was willing to trade the wrap for my sling. So I didn’t have to buy! Score!

At the mall. We were getiing lunch after attending a wedding. I was wearing (comfortable) 9cm wedges in this picture. Using a babywrap makes it easier to keep your balance even when wearing heels. Mind you, my shoes were very comfortable so it helped a lot.

The first time I tried the wrap was when Rory was 2 months old. Let’s just say it wasn’t successful. I tried the newborn hug position and it was awkward. Rory wasn’t comfortable and she cried. So I decided to postpone using it. I tried again when she was 3 months old and her neck was a lot stronger. This time I tried a different position. Voila, it worked. Carrying her with it was so comfortable. I started using it often. Actually, every time we went out because that time I didn’t have assistant (ART) to help me. I was glad because I can go to malls again without worrying about the baby and the hassle of pushchair.

This is when we went to Brightspot Market. As you can see, she was sleeping. I could do my (window) shopping in peace. I was walking for about two hours carrying her around. No back pain whatsoever.

I went everywhere with Rory. To the ITC, where you know it’s not an ideal place to take a baby. With the babywrap, it was tolerable. Still, I don’t recommend taking your baby there often because the place can be ridden with smoke. People still smoke in air-conditioned area, I have no idea why. I went there because I had to and we finished the errand quickly so we could get out of there. The malls were an obvious place. I was often bored because normally I just stay at home. This way I could take Rory with me without having to ask help from other people (namely, my mom) to carry Rory. When Brightspot Market was on, I took Rory there. Carried her in the wrap and she slept while I happily window-shopped. That was the great thing about baby wrap. Most of the time Rory would fall asleep in it so I can do my business. Even if she wasn’t sleeping she would just sit still and look around. She was mostly comfortable because she was held very near me.

I was having lunch (burger and fries, easy to handle), Rory stayed asleep. It was just the two of us that day at the mall. I could walk around, order and pay for food, eat in peace while she was safely sleeping.

This wrap is  a great invention. Really helpful. I would recommend getting this if you are expecting a baby. Take your time, though. Do some research. Familiarize yourself on how to tie it. I takes some practice and getting used to. There are lots of online video tutorials on how to use baby wrap in different positions. Also, take your time deciding what brand to get. Make sure you are happy with the materials, stretch, and of course, price. Just because your friend like a certain brand doesn’t mean you will.

So, don’t be afraid. Wear your baby!

7 month old Rory. Still quite comfortable in her wrap.

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