Obat Sepi Saat Ditinggal Biz Trip


Dua tahun belakangan ini suami lagi sering dapet rezeki dinas. Walau kerja, kita anggep rezeki aja, kan bisa jalan-jalan. Nah, masalahnye (keluar betawinya), yang ditinggal ini loh, nelongso. Lumayan ditinggal lima hari sampe seminggu. Komunikasi tergantung ada wifi apa enggak. Walau ada anak dua ribut di rumah, nggak ada suami tetep beda rasanya.

Nah, biar yang ditinggal (gue) nggak terlalu bete, I distract myself by compiling a shopping list. In my case it usually consisted of makeup or skincare. Kenapa gue bilang ini distracting? Saat bikin list-nya, gue jadi nggak mikirin nanti gimana sepinya pas ditinggal. Gue kalo bikin list oleh-oleh gini bisa lama, lho. Bukan apa-apa, dana soalnya terbatas, dan yang gue mau banyak :D Jadi gue list yang gue mau, research selengkapnya warna de el el yang gue mau, lalu edit sampe jumlahnya masuk akal. Kadang gue bikin list nggak cuma buat gue doang. Suami gue itu selalu bingung beliin oleh-oleh apa buat keluarga yang lain. Jadi biasanya gue bikinin juga list oleh-oleh massal ini: buat keluarga Sawo, keluarga Lenteng, anak-anak, temen kantornya segala. Cuma sampai situ? Nggak, lah. Gue list juga tiap item bisa dibeli di mana. Nama toko, areanya , kalau ada bahkan alamat. Ini buat memastikan itu oleh-oleh kebeli. Kalau dia nggak tau di mana tempatnya, bisa-bisa nggak kebeli. Manyun lah gue. Riset toko ini juga lumayan menyita waktu karena gue pastiin tokonya berada dekat hotel tempat dia nginep, atau deket lokasi meetingnya, atau deket lokasi nantinya dia jalan-jalan. Kadang kalau itinerary-nya lengkap, belanjaan gue-lah yang menyesuaikan dengan toko-toko yang accessible sesuai itin. Yep, I’m thorough.



Adanya list belanja ini juga memotivasi suami gue untuk lebih sering komunikasi, entah via sms atau Face Time. Soalnya soon or later dia pasti butuh nanya ke gue soal list oleh-oleh ini. Misal, udah sampe toko tapi warnanya ngga ada. Biasanya udah gue kasih alternatif warna/produk juga, sih. Nah, biasanya dia akan menghubungi di saat-saat seperti itu. Kalau ada wifi gratis lumayan, bisa Face Time. Sekalian kangen-kangenan, dong. :D

Setelah pak suami pulang dan kita bongkar oleh-oleh, rasa kangen dan kesepian selama ditinggal bisa terobati setelah liat belanjaan, hahahaaaaaa… Apalagi kalau semua berhasil kebeli, ikut lega karena riset gue berguna dan ngebantu. Aneh? Iya, kali. Biarin aja, deh. Everyone has their own coping mechanism and this is one of mine.

satu hal yang bisa gue sarankan untuk yang mau nitip oleh-oleh, buatlah list selengkap mungkin. Pikirkan juga, yang beli ngerti barangnya apa nggak? Salah satu alasan gue bikin list selengkap yellow pages adalah karena suami gue laki-laki (well, duh) yang nggak mudheng makeup atau skincare. List yang jelas akan mempermudah dia belanja dan nggak harus selalu bergantung pada sales assistant di toko. Kalau dirimu mau nitip beliin gadget ke orang yang nggak ngerti gadget, sama, kan? Siapin spek-nya supaya nggak salah beli. Nanti nitip aipon yang kebeli aipod kan situ juga yang bete?  Selamat nitip!

New Pond’s White Beauty (Re)-Launch


So, I few weeks ago I attended an event: New Pond’s White Beauty (Re)-Launch in Hotel Mulia, Senayan. Why a relaunch? Well, Pond’s White Beauty has been around for some time and now Pond’s is reformulating it. I have heard good things about the “old” Pond’s White Beauty. For some people, the product really works. So I did wonder, why change something that works? I got the answer in this event. Apparently, nowadays women in Indonesia no longer wanted clear skin. They seek something more, something pretty hard to explain with words. But they can see the example of the skin they want in Korean star. I, myself, don’t watch that many Korean… stuff. :D But apparently their skin is pretty to-die-for. Okay, I admit, afterwards I did a bit of googling and finally understand a bit about why these women want complexion like a Korean star. Their skin is… I have no idea how to call it: radiant, not pale, glowing, simply put, very desirable. People at Pond’s also try to explain this condition of skin and finally they come up with the term translucent pinkish white or jernih putih merona in Indonesian.

Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream

Pond’s White Beauty Night Cream picture from http://ponds.co.id/

The reformulation of Pond’s White Beauty is directed towards achieving this translucent pinkish white skin. Pond’s added two mighty ingredients: saffron and (what else!) Korean ginseng. These two ingredients combined with vitamin B3 are promised to deliver healthy, glowing, translucent pinkish white skin. You might want to give this range a go if you want that “jernih putih merona” skin.

20131018-052716 PM.jpg

Saffron and ginseng

At the event I tried two variants of the New Pond’s White Beauty: Day Cream and Night Cream. The day cream is formulated as vanishing cream, guaranteed to make your face vanish… Wait, that can’t be right… I mean, it is formulated to virtually vanish after application. It leaves your face matte with no residual icky feeling in your skin. This is perfect as makeup base, I think. The night cream, on the other hand is very moisturizing and it does feel a bit slippery on your face. Since you will be using it before bed I imagine this shouldn’t be a problem. I also think this is a very good option for those with stubbornly dry skin.

20131018-052941 PM.jpg

New Pond’s White Beauty

I certainly had fun at the event. I met beauty bloggers who are all dressed in cute pink toned outfits. The event started at 18.30 pm and luckily there were food served. Sushi, no less. I was happy, naturally. The event theme is pink, so naturally the decor and even some of the food were in that tone. Aside from pink shrimp and tuna sushi, there were macaroons. It was fortunate, too, since it was nearing dinner time so none of us were starved during the event and can concentrate fully while listening to explanations from Dr. David Birtwistle, R&D Regional Director, Skin Care & Cleansing Unilever South East Asia and Australasia.

20131018-053021 PM.jpg 20131018-053057 PM.jpg 20131018-053111 PM.jpg

The night ended with Nadya Mulya as host announcing the winners for best tweet and best dress. 3 best dress winners got themselves new Kate Spade bags! How lucky are they? :D

After the event I hitched a ride with Griss to PS, where Arief was waiting for me. Managed to get him to buy me a book so all in all it was a fabulous night!

20131018-053004 PM.jpg

The blouse I’m wearing is blush-coloured, doesn’t show much in photo :(

If you want to know more on how to achieve jernih putih merona skin, just visit http://ponds.co.id/ or for those of you social media buffs you can find Pond’s in Twitter @PONDSTeens or https://www.facebook.com/PondsTeensID


Anyone tried this new Pond’s White Beauty? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 


Easy Peasy Spa At Home


Ever since I started working full time after 5 years of being a stay-at-home mom, I quickly realized that I started to neglect caring for my skin. As a result, I see my skin getting drier. This is predictable since I spend the whole day in air-conditioned room. Moreover, with a full time job and two toddlers, I would rather spend my weekend with them than going to a spa.

So, I need to find a way to relax and give more attention to my skin, preferably at home. So, imagine my delight when I heard about the spa series from Sariayu! The range of products promises the feel of a spa right in your own house.

For my current skin condition, I opted for Minyak Urut Zaitun. I always love olive oil :) I use this like I would use body lotion. It does leave your skin a bit sticky, but I love the hydrating effect. I try to massage the skin lightly, but most of the time I just try to rub the oil in.


Afterwards, I take a shower. Warm water tend to dry your skin so it’s best to use cold water, but I can’t do cold water hehehe… I use semi-warm water. Next, I use body lotion. I love using lotion with pleasant scent because it relaxes me. You might want to try Sariayu Eksotik Tanjung body lotion plus refreshing aromatic. I’m one of those white-floral-scent kind of girl so I LOOOVEEE the scent of this lotion. I can’t stop sniffing it :D


After that relaxing ritual, I like to lay down and turn on the TV to my favorite TV shows.  But not before I splash some Sariayu Eksotika Tanjung Body Splash Cologne. Do you see a pattern here? Hehehe… Bunga tanjung really smells wonderful. Trust me, you will feel more relaxed and happy if you smell good.


That’s it. Simple, easy, not time consuming at all. Add hot chocolate to the mix and I’m golden. Definitely ready to start working again in the morning. Try it!

Oh, one more thing. If you want to know about the rest of the spa series, visit and like their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/sariayu.mt and you can also follow their twitter account @Sariayu_MT

There is also a blog competition held by Female Daily at http://femaledaily.com/createyourownspa There is a netbook to be won!

Skin Care Daze


I should really pay more attention to my skin. Let’s face it (pun intended), I’m already in my thirties. Surely twenty-something years of bad habits is going to catch up on me soon. Now, I know the most important thing is to rectify my lifestyle. I need to eat healthier (susah… Kurang niat nih), exercise more and drink plenty of water. While I’m working on those, I’m also gonna tweak my skin care routine to help my skin condition. 

I’m more of a make up girl. I’m more willing to spend money on make up rather than skin care. Yes, yes, I know, shame on me. After all, what good does make updo without a good “base” or canvas, right? But I haven’t really been neglecting my skin care. I just don’t do it religiously enough. 

My usual skin care routine is simple. In the morning, I use facial wash while in the shower. Afterwards I put on antioxidant serum and moisturiser (sometimes. I’m not really liking the texture of my current moisturiser so lately I’m inclined to skip it). If I’m going out I put on bb cream with spf, then my make up. At night, I use make up remover (if necessary), then cleansing milk and toner. After that I apply serum and eye cream. Done. 

My ideal routine will be as follows:


  • Facial wash
  • Serum (I’m going to repurchase Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Sample size :D *bokek*)
  • Lotion (really want to try Hada Labo)
  • Moisturizer/milk (might skip this, it can be too rich for my oily-combination skin)
  • Sunscreen (I’m eyeing Skin Aqua, or maybe I’m going to wait for Hada Labo, Indonesian version)
  • Make up (if necessary)


  • Eye make up remover (if necessary)
  • Cleansing milk
  • Toner
  • Face wash (not sure where to put this step. Before or after toner?)
  • Serum
  • Lotion
  • Moisturizer/milk (again, optional)
  • Eye cream

 It’s pretty intimidating for me. I get bored easily and most of the times i don’t have the patience to do all the steps. Let’s just hope I can stick to this routine. 

I Wear My Baby. How About You?


Most of the times people would second-looked us. I guess using baby wrap is still pretty unusual. But it gets more common nowadays.

Back when Aria was still a baby, people around me always warned me about not letting him be accustomed to being carried. Or as they say, bau tangan. It is understandable, carrying your baby around all day can be a hassle. It’s hard to get anything done. Now, with Rory, I find myself more inclined to holding her all the time. Maybe because in the beginning, she wasn’t that heavy. She was quite petite, and light. So I didn’t really mind holding her. Moreover, she seemed to prefer it. She fell asleep easily in my arms, and then woke up just as easily when put down hehehhh…

I’ve been eyeing a baby wrap since I was still pregnant with Rory. The idea of having my hands free while still able to carry my baby around appealed to me. Not to mention that the wrap distributed the weight of the baby evenly between shoulders and back. So less shoulder and back pain, yayyy!

When it comes to choosing what brand of wrap to buy, I did some research. Took me a while. You know, I was very indecisive. The local brands were of course cheaper, but the reviews weren’t that great either. The imported ones, well, let’s say it will cause a hefty dent in your wallet. But, the reviews are great.  Naturally, I was confused. Since I didn’t know if I was going to use this regularly, I decided to get a local wrap. Before I got the chance to decide which brand, I spotted one being sold in a forum. It was preloved item, and the owner was willing to trade with a ring sling. I remembered owning a sling I never used.  So i took pictures of it and emailed her. She was willing to trade the wrap for my sling. So I didn’t have to buy! Score!

At the mall. We were getiing lunch after attending a wedding. I was wearing (comfortable) 9cm wedges in this picture. Using a babywrap makes it easier to keep your balance even when wearing heels. Mind you, my shoes were very comfortable so it helped a lot.

The first time I tried the wrap was when Rory was 2 months old. Let’s just say it wasn’t successful. I tried the newborn hug position and it was awkward. Rory wasn’t comfortable and she cried. So I decided to postpone using it. I tried again when she was 3 months old and her neck was a lot stronger. This time I tried a different position. Voila, it worked. Carrying her with it was so comfortable. I started using it often. Actually, every time we went out because that time I didn’t have assistant (ART) to help me. I was glad because I can go to malls again without worrying about the baby and the hassle of pushchair.

This is when we went to Brightspot Market. As you can see, she was sleeping. I could do my (window) shopping in peace. I was walking for about two hours carrying her around. No back pain whatsoever.

I went everywhere with Rory. To the ITC, where you know it’s not an ideal place to take a baby. With the babywrap, it was tolerable. Still, I don’t recommend taking your baby there often because the place can be ridden with smoke. People still smoke in air-conditioned area, I have no idea why. I went there because I had to and we finished the errand quickly so we could get out of there. The malls were an obvious place. I was often bored because normally I just stay at home. This way I could take Rory with me without having to ask help from other people (namely, my mom) to carry Rory. When Brightspot Market was on, I took Rory there. Carried her in the wrap and she slept while I happily window-shopped. That was the great thing about baby wrap. Most of the time Rory would fall asleep in it so I can do my business. Even if she wasn’t sleeping she would just sit still and look around. She was mostly comfortable because she was held very near me.

I was having lunch (burger and fries, easy to handle), Rory stayed asleep. It was just the two of us that day at the mall. I could walk around, order and pay for food, eat in peace while she was safely sleeping.

This wrap is  a great invention. Really helpful. I would recommend getting this if you are expecting a baby. Take your time, though. Do some research. Familiarize yourself on how to tie it. I takes some practice and getting used to. There are lots of online video tutorials on how to use baby wrap in different positions. Also, take your time deciding what brand to get. Make sure you are happy with the materials, stretch, and of course, price. Just because your friend like a certain brand doesn’t mean you will.

So, don’t be afraid. Wear your baby!

7 month old Rory. Still quite comfortable in her wrap.

Come Visit My Shop, Lemari Rory!


I think it’s pretty obvious by now that I love make up and online shopping. Sometimes I found cute stuff that I don’t necessarily need when I shop around. So why don’t I offer those stuff to others? That way I can still fulfill my shopping craze without going bankrupt *evil*

With that said, I’d like to introduce a special space for this purpose. Do take a look around Lemari Rory, a tiny shop with great stuff. See you all there!

Setengah Tahun Sudah


Aaaaaahhhhh sudah lama nggak diupdate blognya, kasian amat. Akhir-akhir ini nggak sempet. Riweuh urus anak-anak karena sempet nggak ada asisten. Ini aja nulis modal blekberi doang, sambil dipanjat-panjat Rory. Ini bayi curious banget sih.

Karena sehari-hari uwel-uwelan Aria-Rory doang (bapaknya dicuekin), post hari ini soal Rory aja ya. (Agak) nggak kerasa, umurnya udah hampir 7 bulan aja nih. Rory tumbuh sehat dan normal, syukurlah. Rory yang tadinya enteng-mungil (lahir 2.9kg), di usianya yang 6 bulan kemarin sudah melonjak jadi 8.6kg. Asoyyyyy deh kalo gendong lama-lama. Beraaaaaaaat! Bener-bener deh pake babywrap membantu banget kalo jalan-jalan sama Rory. Soalnya dia kurang suka pake stroller. Soal babywrap ini nanti mau posting terpisah ah.

Bayi lucu ini namanya Aisyah Rory Fadilah. Kekeuh banget saya pengen pake nama Rory. Kadung jatuh cinta sama karakter Rory Gilmore. Dan emang waktu hamil nonton serial ini terus hihihihi… Aisyah nama pilihan bapaknya. I preferred Azzahra or Amarra actually. Tapi ya sudahlah kasian bapaknya :p Lahirnya 2.9kg, 46cm (lebih sih kayaknya, bidannya nggak berani terlalu ngelurusin badannya buat diukur), lingkar kepala 33cm. Sekarang? Usia 6 bulan (hampir sebulan lalu) Rory sudah 8.6kg, panjangnya 73cm dan lingkar kepalanya 44cm. Semua masih normal. Bahkan dia cenderung panjang. Ya kalo liat bapaknya yang menjulang ya wajarlah ya. Tadinya kita kira dia nggak akan sebesar Aria di usia yang sama, karena beda berat lahirnya yang ½ kilo. Ternyata, Aria dulu waktu 6 bulan beratnya 8.9kg, cuma beda 300gram aja. Jadi Rory ini termasuk gede! Syukurlah, ASI saya masih cukup bergizi buatnya berarti. *senang* Berbekal pengalaman selama nyusuin Aria, sekarang santai. Walaupun PD nggak berasa penuh-penuh amat, nyusuin santai aja, semaunya Rory. Terbukti kan Rory baik-baik aja. Nggak harus tuh, ASI sampai luber-luber baru dibilang mencukupi. Kata kuncinya kan “cukup”, bukan “lebih”. Terus terang aja, PD saya malah lebih sering berasa kempes kok. Nursing bra aja kegedean nih, padahal waktu nyusuin Aria keisi penuh tuh cup-nya hihihihi *mulai too much information* Jadi intinya ya pede-pede aja deh kalo soal nyusuin. Liat aja anaknya kalo masih normal ya belom perlu kuatir. Tapi, memang sih saya nggak pernah mompa. Cuma beberapa kali waktu Rory disinar pas usia 2 minggu. Habis itu nggak pernah lagi. Makanya nggak pernah ada “added pressure” dengan liat hasil perahan. Buat ibu-ibu bekerja ya lain dong ya ceritanya. Ini kan pengalaman saya aja.

Nah, udah asi eksklusif selama 6 bulan, sekarang waktunya MPAsi. Tadinya mau pake metode baby-led weaning yang anaknya dibiarkan eksplor makanannya tanpa disuapi. Tapi karena satu dan lain hal, akhirnya pake MPAsi biasa aja, bubur beras dengan cara spoon-fed. Daaannnnn jeng-jeng! Rory ini doyan makan… Udah keliatan sih sebenernya. Kayaknya napsu banget masukin benda-benda ke mulut dan ikut kelametan kalo liat orang makan. Sendoknya sampe digigit-gigit tuh kalo lagi disuapin. Dan mulutnya nyamperin sendok, beda sama Aria yang lebih sering nolak disuapin.
Sekarang Rory lagi belajar duduk nih. Belom bisa, curiganya keberatan bodi jadi susah seimbangnya. Hihihihihi… Sekitar usia 4 bulan udah bisa tengkurep, langsung bisa balik posisi tidur lagi (jadi, dia udah gulang-guling kemana-mana yang berpotensi jatoh dari tempat tidur). Dia juga udah bisa bergerak maju. Gayanya kayak uget-uget gitu. Naik pake lengan & dengkul, terus badannya dijatohin ke depan. Jalan deh dia. Barang ditaro dimanapun bisa dikejar. Bikin emaknya sport jantung karena sering tiba-tiba udah di pinggir, hampir jatoh. Lasaaaaaakkkk…. Terus kadang-kadang dari posisi tengkurep, dia naik bertumpu pake tangan, terus kaki. Nungging. Jadi kayak binatang berkaki empat gitu, hihihihi… Kalo digendong dan diposisikan berdiri, kakinya juga menjejak cukup kuat, kayak udah mau berdiri. Nah, untuk yang ini karena belom waktunya jadi nggak sering-sering. Kasian tulang kakinya belom kuat. Pelan-pelan ya nak. Duduk dulu.

Ahhh Rory. Kalau bayi itu rasanya cepet gede ya? Baju-baju cepet banget sempit. Sekarang Rory pakai ukuran 9m, bahkan kadang ukuran setahun. Nanti kalau udah mulai jalan baru deh rada melambat atau mandek. Aria baju ukuran 2th banyak yang masih cukup tuh. Sehat-sehat terus ya Rory. *kiss-kiss*

Belajar Duduk

Belajar Duduk



Setengah Duduk

Setengah Duduk